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2017 - 19 Events & Speakers
Getting Past Brick Walls - Handout
George G Morgan, President of AHA! Seminars - March 16, 2019
George presented various methods of breaking down brick walls and finding information.  This was an interactive GoToMeeting session. 

Finding Women: Maiden Name Not Known - Handout
Craig R. Scott, GC, President & CEO of Heritage Books, Inc. - February 16, 2019
Craig spoke on Finding Women: Maiden Name Not Known, using a GoToMeeting interactive session.  Several out of state members were also able to join in remotely.

Delaware Public Archives - Handout
Tom Summers - January 19, 2019
Tom discussed the resources available at the Archives, as well as online resources.  Tom is a 12th generation Sussex County Countain who traces his family back to Avery’s Rest, a colonial plantation near Rehoboth Beach.  He has researched his family at the Archives.

S.C.G.S. on Delmarva Life - Discussion with Jimmy Hoppa & Lisa Bryant - Presentation
Alan Lowe - January 8, 2019

S.C.G.S. on WGMD - Discussion with Jake Smith - Listen to Interview
Alan Lowe - January 2, 2019

Newspaper Research - Interactive webinar - Handout
Michael John Neill - November 17, 2018
Michael's link provides our Genealogy Tip of the Day and he also has an interactive blog, Rootdig

Family History Center - Slide Presentation and Handout 
Jeanne Zimmerman - September 15, 2018

Geographic Timelimes 19th & 20th Century - City Directories and Urban Genealogy
Kim Bucklaw - March 17, 2018

Genealogical Research Discussion
Mike Dixon - January 20, 2018 --- Presentation
"Show & Tell - Holiday Traditions" - December 16, 2017
“Genealogy: History + People Come Alive” - November 18, 2017
How Sandie uses genealogy & history in researching her articles for High Tide News.

Delaware Society Sons of the American Revolution Discussion
Bill Regli - October 21, 2017

The Other Side of the Mic .. an Oral History Interview
Nancy Alexander, Director - Rehoboth Beach Museum - September 16, 2017

2016 - 17 Events & Speakers
Geographic Timelines - 18th Century Rural Genealogy
Kim Bucklaw - March 18, 2017
Effectively identifying your ancestors in time and location is an invaluable skill for family reseachers.  Learn how to use early tax records along with timeline techniques to overcome obstacles pertaining to early rural families.  For more information contact Kim at the Chester County Archives.

The Mason-Dixon Line:  Story Behind the Boundary
Mike Dixon - February 18, 2017 --- Presentation
Born as the result of a bitter territorial dispute over royal land grants, the Mason-Dixon Line was surveyed between 1763 and 1767 to settle the boundaries for Pennsylvania and Maryland. After 1820, when the Missouri Compromise created political conditions which made the line important to the history of slavery, it became associated with the division between the free and slave states. Today the line is still seen by many as a symbolic dividing line for regional attitudes and customs. This program explores the story of the line, which runs through our land and our history, along with the perceptions that have developed about the boundary.

Civil War in History and Memory
Dan Pritchett - January 21, 2017
The history and memory of the US Civil War still haunt us today, over 150 years after America’s bloodiest conflict began. Starting with John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859, and concluding with a critical look at the aftermath of the war, this illustrated talk will examine the scope, devastation, and horrible human toll of this “first modern war.” Initiated in order to preserve and protect slavery, the Civil War wound up destroying it, thus making possible ‘a new birth of freedom’ for the U.S. However, the legacy of the war turned out very differently from what both the victors and the vanquished expected in 1865.

Preserving War Letters: Touchstones of Time
Nancy E Lynch - November 19, 2016 --- Presentation

Letters from any war constitute primary source material, first-hand accounts from the battlefield, and provide a unique window on that conflict.  Preserving this priceless correspondence as social history for future generations is critical.  Learnhow--and how not--to safeguard letters from our Delaware troops at war in this lively, interactive program by award winning journalist Nancy E. Lynch who received nearly 1,000 letters from the frontlines of the Vietnam War for her popular neswpaper column. 

Voters at Last:  Battling for the Ballot
Mike Dixon - October 15, 2016 --- Presentation    
There was a period in our past when voting rights were reserved primarily for white male property owners. But during a long struggle the rights of the ballot were extended regardlessof property ownership, race, or sex. This lively program presents the history of the expansion of suffrage as it lays out arguments made by both sides in the hotly debated and often ridiculed subject. Particular attention can be paid to women’s suffrage, a time when Delaware was on the front line of the controversial debate.

Unlocking the History of an Old House
Mike Dixon - September 17,  2016 --- Presentation    
Just as families have a past, old houses and the land they are built on have histories. This practical lecture is designed to show you how to uncover that past and answer questions such as when was the structure built, who lived in it, how has it changed over time, and what are its stories. The discussion centers on implementing an organized research process, what records are available, where to look for documents, and interpreting the findings. The discussion concludes by presenting suggestions for creating a history of an old house. If you know where to look, you may find the clues to the past.

Finding the Women in your Family
Greer Maneval - April 8, 2016 --- Presentation
Every year Camp Rehoboth Sponsors a "Women's Weekend"‚Äč (starts Wed night thru Sunday night) - all kind of talks, lots of activities (golf outing etc) and a dance / entertainment every night.  Draws a huge crowd!  

2015 - 16 Events & Speakers
Saving Family Treasurers --- Presentation
On April 16th Mike Dixon gave a very interesting presentation on Family treasures which are frequently stashed away in drawers, trunks, and attics are often neglected.  Preserving these heirlooms, items such as marriage certificates, family Bibles, letters, journals, and photos, is important for they connect the generations and tell us about the past.  Yet, all too often, these relics are lost to accidents, deterioration, or the urge to clean house.  This talk introduces caretakers to basic methods for preserving and protecting family relics and papers.
Our Guest Speaker:
Mike Dixon is a historian and writer whose research focuses on the mid-Atlantic’s regional and local history. For over 3 decades, Mike has worked to encourage public interest and participation in the preservation of the past and to create understandings between earlier eras and the present. He has appeared on the Today Show, Maryland Public TV and broadcast news programs as well as in National Geographic, Southern Living, and Chesapeake Life. Mike is an adjunct professor and teaches history courses at a number of area universities and colleges. To learn more about Michael Dixon, visit his website at:

So What Do I Do With My DNA Results

On Saturday March 19th John Harland presented "So What Do I Do With My DNA Results".  The lecture contained information on DNA using both AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA and some of the differences between the 2 testing methods and their results.  John discussed Y-DNA, Mitrochondrial DNA and Autosomal DNA and what distinguishes them.  John is a member of APG, the Association of Professional Genealogists.
To know more about APG and John please click on this link .. John Harland.

Online State Resources

On Saturday February 20th, 2016 Michael Hait presented Online State Resources at the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Public Library.  His lecture covered how to focus on the smaller research facilities such as state and local archives, historical societies and libraries.  Information found in these mostly free sources are generally not included in searching subscription websites like, Fold3 and GenealogyBank.  To find out more about Michael Hait click on this link .. Michael Hait.

The Tales Tombstones Whisper --- Presentation

On Saturday January 16th, 2016 Michael L. Dixon, M.S., M.A. historian presented his class on "The Tales Tombstones Tell" at the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Public Library.  Michael is a member of the Delaware Humanities Forum, a public speaker and author. This was a facinating look at tombstones over the course of history, descriptions, styles and marker inscriptions.  Tombstones from some of the cemeteries in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New England were discussed, including location and the histories behind them. 
To learn more about Michael Dixon, visit his website at:

New SCGS Website

Welcome .. Our new website is now live as of 6:00PM Tuesday February 23, 2016.  If you are a member you have received an invitation with instructions on how to log in with your User ID and Password.  Over the next few weeks we will add additional content to various pages.  If you have questions or suggestions for the new website please email them to our Webmaster.  We hope you find our new useful and beneficial in your family research.