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The best part about genealogy
is searching for ancestors
and finding friends.
                                                                   Lawrence Dillard
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Recording Family History

Family History: Interview Questions & Tips to Start the Conversation 

Our family’s story is a vital part of our family history, and recording our own personal history is just as important as compiling a pedigree. The stories passed down by older relatives may include vital clues that help you in the research process as well. Here are some questions to get you started.

  •  How long did your family live in the neighborhood you grew up in? Are parts of the family still there?
  •  Was there extended family living in the area at that time?
  •  Did you live on a farm, and if so, what kind of crops and livestock did you raise?
  •  Did you have pets in your household?
  •  What was your house or apartment like? How many floors? How many rooms?
  •  Where did the family congregate?
  •  What kind of amenities did it have? Indoor plumbing? Electricity? Gas? Telephone? Refrigerator? Cooking stove? Television?
  •  Were there any special items in the house that stand out in your mind? A favorite possession belonging to you, your parents, or a sibling?
  •  What kind of neighborhood did you grow up in?
  •  Did the town have a railroad? Post office? What kinds of stores or shops?
  •  Was your family part of a religious community? If so, where did you go to worship?
  •  What religious ceremonies did you take part in?
  •  Do you have godparents or sponsors?
  •  Where did you go to school?
  •  What level of education do you have?
  •  What was your favorite subject to study?
  •  Did you have any special interests when you were growing up (sports, hobbies, crafts, etc.)?
  •  What kinds of games did you play?
  •  What was your favorite toy?
  •  What did you do for fun (go to the beach, a park, movies, a zoo, etc.)?
  •  Did your family ever take trips to visit family or go on sight-seeing vacations?
  •  Did you ever attend a family reunion, and if so, where was it?
  •  Were there any foreign languages spoken in your household? Do you speak any foreign languages?
  •  Who were your friends growing up?
  •  Who were close friends of the family?
  •  Describe the personalities of your family members.
  •  Are there any physical characteristics that run in your family?
  •  Were there any serious illnesses in your family? Do any illnesses run in the family?
  •  Were there any memorable traditions that your family observed?
  •  Can you remember any stories that were told to you as a child (fictional, folk lore, or real life)?
  •  What events stand out in your memories from your childhood?
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Find-A-Grave Has Changed

Source: Ted  Bainbridge,  Ph.D
The home page has become a photograph with a few menu selections across the top.  That page is dominated by the search panel, which functions largely as it did in the past and with the same options for every search box except those related to location.
The old search panel specified location via pull-down lists for country, state, and county.  The new search panel offers a single box for location, in which you are supposed to type the name of a place.  As you begin to type a city, county, state, or country that box auto-fills with suggested place names which you can select with a mouse click.  Use the American English equivalent of a country name; Germany works but Deutschland doesn’t.
The new home page’s menu bar goes across the top of the screen.  Clicking CEMETERIES takes you to a page that lets you hunt cemeteries in either of two ways.  Near the top left of the page is a search box where you can type a cemetery name.  This auto-fill box works as above.  When you select a name, you see a hit list of cemeteries with that name.  Each entry on the hit list displays some facts about that cemetery, and a link to its information page.  That page contains a search box that you can use to hunt for a person’s name.
Instead of using that cemetery-name search box, you can use the cemetery-place search box to its right.  Clicking a place name produces a map of cemeteries near that place.  You can zoom the map in or out, and can pan it in any direction.  (If the map doesn’t display any marker pins, zoom in.)  After a name is in that search box, clicking Search leads to a hit list of cemeteries near that place.  Use this hit list the same way you use the other cemetery search box.


Genealogy Tip Of The Day

Want Great Tips on Genealogy Research? 
Check with Michael John Neill!

Sussex County Genealogical Society

Wants to Know .. What YOU
Would like to see and hear about at our Genie Bytes and Monthly Meetings.
We have several great speakers lined up for our meetings and are looking for suggestions.
Genie Bytes looks to enhance your search capabilities and discuss not only technical issues but aid in your research.
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January 17
Roots Magic Software Support Group
Come Join Us - Share and Learn!
January 18
Meet Noami Mendez of the U.S. Census Bureau
The US Census Bureau has a treasure trove of data related to individuals and businesses. Get to know how touse their online tools to get the data. Bring your own device to run queries to hunt for information.  
January 20
Monthly Membership Meeting & Guest Speaker
10 - 11:00 AM  Guest Speaker Mike Dixon discusses Genealogical Research (online research and how best to go about it) 11:15 - 12 PM  General Meeting
February 1
Genie Bytes
Alan Lowe will discuss the technical aspects of firewalls, private vs. public clouds and backup strategies.   Genie Bytes explores a wide range of topics that cover technology issues. You’re welcome to bring your laptops or tablets. Internet access available ...
February 14
Board Meeting
Board/Committee Reporting and Planning.  Lunch afterwards.