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They Went Where the Work Was

This is a 6 part series meeting on Tuesdays beginning 10/22/2019 at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library at 12:00PM.  Marilyn McMahon will discuss how work and labor issues affected immigration and migration patterns.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.
“They Went Where the Work Was”
Following migration patterns evolving through
changing patterns of job development
October 2212:00-1:00 – Introduction:  The Great Western Iron Works, later, The Brady’s Bend Iron Works (1839-1874) – where did their 1500 employees come from and where did they go when the blast furnaces closed?    1:00-2:00 – Discussion of organizational structure for the next 5 weeks that will best meet the needs of those attending.
October 29 – 12:00-1:00 – examining the work/careers/ jobs of our ancestors      1:00-2:00 - agriculture
November 05 – 12:00-1:00 – mining & oil    1:00-2:00 – manufacturing (heavy industry, textile mills, etc.)
November 1212:00-1:00 – ship building    1:00-2:00 – skilled trades (printers, stonemasons, carpenters, etc)
November 1912:00-1:00 – service industries    1:00 – 2:00 - transportation
November 2612:00-1:00 – merchants    1:00-2:00 – professions
Unless you can claim a Native American heritage, your ancestors had to have come here from another country.  This session of Discussion Group is looking at the skills and trades those individuals brought with them, and how and where they applied them once they got to these shores.  Our focus is on the 18th and 19th centuries’ immigrants; why and how they moved from place to place to find work.

Sussex County Genealogical Society

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November 26
They Went Where the Work Was
We will be looking at how work and labor issues affected immigration and migration patterns.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch. 12:00-1:00 – merchants 1:00-2:00 – professions
December 5
Genie Bytes - SCGS Technical Updates
Alan Lowe will present our GoToMeeting software, presentation preparation and set up, our Facebook Page and administration and review our website plans.      Some of us will have lunch at the Miltonian Pizzeria about noon.
December 17
Roots Magic Software Support Group
We will view the webinar by Bruce Buzbee on the new features of Roots Magic 8 as well as general discussion on aspects of utilizing Roots Magic 7.
December 21
We Are Family
SCGS members share stories.
January 18
Time Travel With Google Earth
Lisa Louise Cooke presents via live, interactive webinar.
February 12
Board Meeting
Board/Committee Reporting and Planning. 
February 15
D.A.R. Presentation
Catherine Hudson, Registrar from the Major Nathaniel Mitchell Chapter presents.
March 28
Research Resources
Aaron Horner, Research Assistant, presents resources to be found at the Nabb Center, Salisbury University.
April 8
Board Meeting
Board/Committee Reporting and Planning. 
April 18
Copyright Laws and Plagerism
Drew Smith, Aha Seminars presents via live, interactive webinar.